maandag 30 augustus 2010


VIta's Boudoir

Air dress, Potpouri dress, Blackangel dress by Boudoir

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Vita's boudoir Air dress

Beautifull dress!!!
location: It was a blur and No sound by Marcus Inkpen, Utopia04

zaterdag 17 juli 2010

It was a blur

At the installation at mirror

dresses (top to bottom):
Smokey tux, Chambre du chocolat

Dress 07 Linnen, RunoRuno

Neo Marlyn, Vita's boudoir

We were in love, Lestat Reuven

Kassandra, Glam affair

Skin: Lola light, Lelutka
Hair: Angst platinum, RQ,
Hair in bottom picture: Ballzyponytail brunette, Chantkare
Earrings: Makuti silver, Uzuri

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Newbee challenge

Skin: Jade tuli, free
Hair: Diva Haruka, gift for group (join free)
Skirt: Flirt Trimmed mimi dress (skirt part), free in Midnight mania
Top: Phoenix Rixing Push pink, free gift
Bangles: Baubles bangles, free gift
Bag: MALT, Paris pink handbag, groupgift (join free)
Shoets: JazmynD boots, SAH hunt item

zondag 20 juni 2010


I love the clothes by Zaara, in random order:
Royal rendevous black, Chandramuhki black, Freespirit red.

RL pictures is India, Herakhan, april 2007

From my diary april 2007:
Bhole Baba ki jay!
I am in Herakhan now for a couple of days. It is so beautifull here! I feel completely in love. It feels like i have been here for ever. The Mahashakti Dhuni is so beautifull I can't even come close to discribing it and the havan in the morning is even more beautifull.
Herakhan, what are the words to discribe her? The beauty of the landscape, the flowers, the birds, the mountains, Gautama Ganga, the river. The simple living, morning baths in the river at 4. The puja's I experience as so blissfull, the energy is devine and clear. Aarti makes me happy and Babaji is everywhere.
I feel like a child, full of expectation and wonder about this place, were heaven and earth meet, a new world opening up to me, views of something grand and unspeakebly beautifull. Tears well up, pain so old runs into joy that is timeless.
De people are sweet. To every question I recieve multiple answers. Stay close to myself. I breath Om namah Shivay and feel it deep inside, flowing in and out again, in a quiet white light of little blue flames. Shiva, my beloved.
Om shanti shanti shanti.

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

BBBC final

If this is your first BBBC... What did you get out of your experience? Do you think it will change the way you blog in the future?

As I stumbled upon the BBBC yesterday, I could only do that and today's - already the final blog. I will gladly join again next time. It's a good experience and fun to read all the blogs, a thing I already like to do a lot!

Maybe it will change my blogging to not only fashion pictures but also incorporate other topics, like how I am doing in my never ending search for a beautifull home/garden on a minuscule piece of land with always too low prim for the many beautifull nature&garden&furniture items to be found in SL. I totally love good garden, nature and ooh!....did I mention Art?
Or how I am trying to find a good job in timezone GMT + 1, as I find that most jobs on SL time is middle of the night for me RL.
Or how i feel being a member of this wonderfull clan, Immortal Kinship.

Well, lets find out......

My simple life: Forrest skybox by Kaos, bed by Grandma! chair by iTuTu and my cat by Chop Sue